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Code:You is a family of programs including Code Louisville, Code Kentucky, and emPOWER UP. If you are participating in Code Louisville or Code Kentucky, you’re in the right place! This page has a series of resources and other information to help you on your journey through Code:You!

If you are looking for information on a course you are currently participating in, you’ll find that info in your Google Classroom. This area is more about program-wide resources for all students, past or present.

We recommend you bookmark this page and check back from time-to-time. We intend to add resources about our classes, materials to help you be successful and much more over time!

If you’re looking for information specific to your class such as assignments, project turn-in, or class demos and resources, check Google Classroom.

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Program Structure


The absolute first thing you must do is apply. This can take some time, so please apply early!


This is the work you had to do (or maybe are currently working on) to get into the program. We use this to make sure you’ve got at least the basic knowledge to make it in the program and are willing to put the work in.


After pre-work, there will be an orientation session (held virtually) to explain more about the program structure, what to expect, and how to get started.

Intro Course

This is a 6-week long course that covers a bunch of terminology, concepts, and other important things that all the pathways we offer have in common. There will be a deliverable due at the end of this course, and if you complete that you’ll be invited to choose a pathway (specialization) for the program.

Pathway Selection

There will be a mandatory workshop after the Intro Course where we’ll introduce the pathways offered, provide you some resources to help make the decision, and a form to fill out once you’ve decided. This selection will determine what course you’re in for the next 5 months!

Pathways Begin

All the pathways are approximately 5 months in length and focus on a specific aspect of the world of programming. They are broken up into 4 distinct modules, each of which have a deliverable (a project or assignment) that is due at the end of it. The final module of the 4 is dedicated entirely to you building a complex project for your portfolio.


There will be several workshops on career readiness built into the program. These will help you put a resume together, prepare for interviews and the job search, and better communicate about yourself. 

Job Hunting

We will help facilitate this with events like a Demo Day, career fairs, and working with staff. We’ll help you get your resume out there so you can land some interviews with tech companies and get hired into the industry!

Code:You Module Chart

Program Staff

We have a great staff here to support you through your coding journey! We know it can be confusing sometimes to figure out who to reach out to for a particular question or need, so please review the list below for the appropriate contact; if you still aren’t sure, choose someone to reach out to, and we can point you in the right direction!

Tech-related and basic program questions: The best place to go first is your class channel in Slack (for example: #may-2023-intro-tues). Mentors, staff, and your fellow students are all in those channels and can help. Please post questions in those public channels, rather than a DM so that you can get a faster answer and others can learn from your question as well.

Enrollment and general program questions: Your Student Coordinator is the best contact for these questions: Jared Mueller if you’re part of Code Kentucky or Rekkai Steed if you’re part of Code Louisville. 

emPOWER Up program: Nikki Stephenson is the Community Manager for the program, and your best point of contact for just about everything related to it.

Success coaching and supportive services: Can help with non-technical problems like success coaching, time management, getting connected to supportive services or other resources that might help if you’re in a challenging situation, etc. If you need a loaner laptop, talk to Emily if you’re in the Greater Louisville area, or Jared Mueller if you’re in a different part of the state.

Google Classroom, Pluralsight, or course requirement questions: Reach out to our Training Manager Tonia Nolden or Training Coordinators Don Hansen and Danny Morton, who oversee our mentors and training materials.

Career coaching, resume help, interview prep: Need job hunt guidance? Reach out to one of our Technical Career Coaches, August Mapp (Code Kentucky) or Jenny Terry (Code Louisville).

Employer engagement: Our Technical Employer Specialists spend their time forging meaningful relationships with tech employers, as well as connecting with course participants for the final steps of their job hunt. If a Tech Employer Specialist shares a job you’re interested in on Slack (in one of the #jobs channels), feel free to reach out to them directly or comment in a thread under the post with any questions or to let them know you applied.  Monica Remmy is focused on Northern KY participants, David York works primarily with Eastern and Central KY participants, and Alli Ryan oversees Code Louisville participants. 

Leadership team: Our leadership team consists of Operations Manager Emily Sullivan (in charge of the day to day of the program), Manager of Strategic Partnerships Shannon Sheehy (leads the careers team consisting of Technical Career Coaches and Technical Employer Specialists, ensuring we are doing the best we can to connect participants with employment), Training Manager Tonia Nolden (overseeing curriculum and mentors), and Program Director Brian Luerman.

Slack is typically the best way to contact us, but you can also click our names above to send an email.

Not sure what program you are? Review our list of counties for each service region on our website.

How to screen share with Google Meet

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Basic Computer Proficiency Requirements

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Computer Requirements

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Calendar of Events

Keep an eye on #announcements and #tech-events in Slack for the latest events offered through Code:You and other community partners. 

Remember to check your Google Classroom for important updates regarding deadlines for your particular course, and you can also ask questions in your class’s night channel in Slack (example: #may-2023-wd-modules-wed).