Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to provide quality training and support to help residents of our region enter software development careers at no charge.

Code:You strives to be a community and career-conscious movement, empowering residents of Kentucky and the surrounding regions by designing innovative learning programs to assist individuals in connecting to a tech career, establishing relationships with industry professionals, and receiving the support they need to achieve their career goals.

Our Vision

A community of learners, employers, and the tech community, united in creating an inclusive and collaborative program where any resident of the regions we serve can explore the technology field, receive the support they need, and obtain a family-supporting career.

Our History

  • Code Louisville created in 2013 to solve a technology gap in the city
  • Surprise! Presidential namedrop in 2015
  • Expanded with Code Kentucky: Northern and Eastern in 2021
  • Switch to “pathways” based model in January 2022 to allow for deeper-dive into areas of interest.
  • Evolved into “module” based model in May 2023 to ensure students have fundamental knowledge to better succeed in program.
  • Expanded Code Kentucky into the Lexington and Appalachian Counties in July 2023
  • 1000th person placed in a tech job in 2024.