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The main goal of Code:You is to build a safe and inclusive learning community where anyone can have access to the resources needed to develop a rewarding career in the world of technology.

We know that the job hunt process can be difficult, so we have an experienced careers team ready to help you at every step along the way.

Typically we see that participants are ready to hit the job market after completing a full pathway, but that timeline can vary based on your level of tech experience before the program, quality of projects, and an array of other personal factors. Although many folks tend to wait until after their pathway is finished to begin the job hunt in full force, we begin working with you early on to ensure you can hit the ground running when it’s time.

During the Intro to Programming module, you’ll complete a Labor Market Intelligence (LMI) exercise in tandem with the Choose a Pathway Workshop so you can make an informed decision on which pathway makes the most sense for you.

The first set of pathway modules as well as the second set have a tech event requirement to get you out there learning from and connecting to seasoned tech professionals. Building up your network is a crucial step in job hunting, and its value can’t be overstated. Employee referrals have been shown to lead to more interviews and job success rates; if someone already knows you and can put in a good word, that can definitely help your chances. 

In between the second and third pathway module, participants will attend a Career Readiness Workshop to get tips and tricks on preparing for a job hunt, including advice on formatting resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and preparing for interviews.

Following the workshop, participants have an assignment during their third and fourth modules to turn in a resume tailored for a tech role in your chosen pathway. We put together a checklist of items that should be included on a tech resume, and our Technical Career Coaches will give feedback on how to improve it so you can stand out in a crowded job market.

After turning in a capstone project, participants will attend a Tech Communications Workshop to learn how to best position themselves in interviews, at hiring events, and to improve their online presence. 

Our team is working on putting together our first-ever Demo Day event, featuring presentations from top-performing students and attended by employer partners looking for the types of skills you now have. 

Then – good luck!

…just kidding! Getting you prepared to job hunt is just the beginning for our team. We also work with participants to get them opted-in to our portfolio databases that we share with employers looking for new talent. We’ll also connect you with the Tech Employer Specialist for your region to talk more about what an ideal job looks like for you, and some companies that may match your needs. 

We recommend keeping an eye on the #jobs channel in Slack to find roles that have been curated by our team to be a good fit for participants. You’ll also be added to our Tech Careers Newsletter that’s sent every other week (with occasional bonus issues) with hot job leads and job hunt advice. Our team also works to put together job fairs (both in person and virtual), career days, job shadow events, and other opportunities to engage with employers.

Code:You Student Resources

Features guides and docs to help you in every stage of the job hunt. Looking for something else? Let us know and we’ll work to get it added!

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August Mapp – Technical Career Coach for Code Kentucky (Central, Eastern, and Northern KY)

Jenny Terry – Technical Career Coach for Code Louisville (Metro Louisville Area)

Alli Ryan – Tech Employer Specialist for the Louisville Metro Area

David York – Tech Employer Specialist for the Eastern & Central Kentucky Region

Monica Remmy – Tech Employer Specialist for Northern Kentucky / Greater Cincinnati Region

Shannon Sheehy – Manager of Strategic partnerships / Team Lead