Welcome to the Exciting World of Coding with Code:You!

Why Code? Coding is the magic behind everything from websites and apps to games and even household appliances. It’s like giving instructions to a computer, allowing you to create your own digital world and understand how technology works. Getting Started: Choosing Your Path The coding world offers a vast array of languages, each with its …

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Artificial Intelligence. image showcases an abstract digital human head profile with a futuristic concept of artificial intelligence. A neural network is depicted through glowing blue connections

Thoughts on the State of the Tech Industry

If you haven’t already, check out this article covering the local Information Technology Industry, as we’ll reference below. In short, the tech industry nationally, as well as specifically in the Greater Louisville and Cincinnati Areas, has had a rough time since just before COVID, and particularly so since early 2022. This has led to considerably …

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Job Hunting in a Rough Industry

Embarking on a job hunt in a new industry is daunting even in the best of scenarios; when that industry is experiencing a slow-down in hiring, job seekers face even more struggles.  It’s not all doom and gloom, though! There are lots of ways in which job seekers can keep on top of their skills …

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A futuristic abstract technology background illustrating data flow, business analytics, and ai in a modern and digitally generated design neon blocks. Ai generative.

State of the Tech Industry 2024

There’s been a lot of discussion in the news, around various tech communities, and within Code:You about the state of jobs in the Information Technology industry. This article will explore what the industry looks like in our region – namely, The Greater Louisville and Cincinnati Areas. We’ll focus mainly on what the data shows in …

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Mentor for Code:You

Code:You would not be possible without all of the amazing support we get from our network of mentors. Are you looking for a way to give back while supporting the next wave of tech talent across the Commonwealth? Consider volunteering as a Code:You mentor! Why mentor? You’ll also have first-hand access to the latest and …

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Advice from those who have been there

We hosted a panel discussion featuring three Code:You alumni who went on to build a career in tech after participating in the program. The panel consisted of Jake St. Germain (a former Pediatric ICU Nurse who landed a Software Engineer internship at Health Catalyst), Shannon Beach (a life-long Disney fan whose dream job became a …

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Why I Mentor

Hundreds of tech professionals have volunteered their time to mentor for Code:You, and these volunteer mentors are an integral part of the success of our programs. Our mentors volunteer for many different reasons, and we wanted to share some of their experiences with you. “As a former coding bootcamp student, I’m excited to watch other …

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Obama giving speech in Louisville April 3, 2015 - NPR photo

President Obama Wants More Programs Like Code Louisville

By Ashley Lopez In his first visit to Louisville while in office, President Obama on Thursday evening announced a new federal initiative called TechHire. The initiative provides federal grants to cities that want to create programs like Code Louisville—an online coding course that’s open to anyone with a library card. Obama said he wants other cities to …

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